Phong bag

Phong bag

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Phong is pronounced (Pong).

This bag is hand-made out of 100% raw upcycled plastic. It is soft and squishy.  My saint of a grandmother uses her bare hands and Godly strength to create this immaculate product. She, Phong, guarantees these bags will last a lifetime. Thankfully, that means you will never have to throw it away. 

If you are having second thoughts on wether or not you are "eco-conscious" enough to purchase something like this take a second to go on youtube and search trash island. Then come back and reflect for a moment. What we are doing is trying to bridge the gap between our own ignorance and convenience of throwing something in a black bag and forgetting about it. Knowing what the oceans look like out there and how it is going to affect future generations is just the first step. Not only are you getting a cool bag that looks cute and everything else, but you get to remind yourself to take those baby steps. All it takes for us to change the world is a conscious, unified effort to change the world. 

Thank you all for the love and support. Honestly, it really is shocking how much love we have gotten over the past few months of us doing this. We will continue as long as there is love and support. - Peyton